Hey Dreamer ♥

I’m Adrianne, your personal cheerleader, coach and a facilitator for your growth and transformation. Whether you are launching a new business or in a period of transition and discovery my “job” is to support you along the way, provide accountability and help you bring your dreams into reality. 

My motto – Let’s make the impossible possible. 

My greatest joy and mission is to help women like you embrace the soul brilliance that exists within each of us. When we are able to become the leaders of our own lives we step into a personal definition of leadership that allows us to overcome doubt. When you use that power to create your dream life there is a ripple effect. Imagine the impact on your daughters, friends, and community knowing that their lives are for them to create and you taught them that by being your most true self. 

As your coach

I believe that you are here to make an impact and that vision is different for every woman

I support women to be daring enough to go after their dreams and vision of their life in whatever that looks like for them. I’ve supported women in transition to self-employment, launching their own programs and communities as well as helping them to reclaim their stories and transform them into a powerful narrative of personal leadership and growth. 

 Like you I’ve had my own moments of transition and transformation. I’ve walked the path of stepping away from the corporate world, leaving all the support systems I know and finding myself along the way. I’ve navigated heartache, celebrations and I know firsthand the blocks and fears that pop-up along the way. Through coaching we will work together to heal and transform what’s holding you from following the life vision you want with confidence.  

I’m here to help guide you through that path, transform fear, doubt and overwhelm into courage and daring so that you can live the life you were meant to lead.

The Short story of Me

I live in Sardegna with my husband, daughter and our menagerie of animals, spending my days at the beach, walking in the mountain forests near my home and just being fascinated by the culture and experience of my adoptive home. Curious how I got here? Read on 🙂 

Twelve years and a lifetime ago I was certain of my path. I was a graduate student, almost a lawyer and considering joining the Peace Corp. I knew I wanted to bring big change in the world and I thought it looked like an eventual political career. I had aspirations of being an Ambassador or a judge. 

Then in March life detoured. My twin sister had just had a sweet baby boy and I knew.

I want this for me

What that was I probably wasn’t even sure but the universe listened. A few months later I met my now husband online. The catch – he lived thousands of miles away in Italy. 

Always being the adventurous one, we got to know each other, chatting every day first via messaging and eventually through Skype. By the time Thanksgiving rolled around I was ready to hop on a plane. 

Of course people told me it’s impossible, you can’t do that.

I did it anyway. 

Dec 31 2008 I hopped on a plane with a stopover in Rome and its final destination Sardegna. Jan 1st and a lost suitcase I changed my life forever. 

I spent an idyllic couple of months in Italy but eventually had to return to the US. Nico came with me. Oh and that baby I wanted… She showed up about a year later. 

Eventually we decided to make the move back to Italy and have been here ever since. Funny thing is, I’ve known from a young age that I would live in Italy one day. Whenever I mentioned this dream it was always meant with “oh sure when you retire right?” But that wasn’t what I believed. Just like I know you don’t have to wait on your dreams, I knew that one way or the other I would make mine happen much sooner. What others thought was impossible was totally possible. Yes I had some help from the universe, but I still had to make the choice and embrace what I discovered was possible for me ♥ 

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